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Let's talk about you, specifically your novel. This is the place where I want to know EVERYTHING about your work. Of course, we can prune things down to the essence of your story later, but for now - let's get into the details, the broad strokes - everything under the hood. 

I'm a fan of the Proust Questionnaire (see ABOUT ME) for many reasons. As Proust put it himself:

"So long as one has not asked an author a certain number of questions and received answers to them, one cannot be certain of having a complete grasp of him, even though these questions might seem at the furthest remove from the nature of his writings. What were his religious views? How did he react to the sight of nature? How did he conduct himself in regard to women, in regard to money? Was he rich, was he poor? What governed his actions, what was his daily way of life? What was his vice, or his weakness? No answer to these questions is irrelevant in judging the author of a book, nor the book itself."

So y'know. Tell me everything (about your book).



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