First, you gotta walk the dogs.

First, you gotta walk the dogs.

First, you gotta walk the dogs.


Here's a WIP for a semi-dystopian, yet somewhat steampunkish futuristic city. I'm having too much fun with this one as it involves a number of elements I love working with: texture, light, 3D type, paint AND an imaginary world. These are comps about half way through the process. Anything goes - the type could be completely off. Colors too...not right. Do we even like the skyline, which was a composite of 5 cities from around the world?

When I worked in advertising as an art director/designer a few things ALWAYS happened with each assignment:

1. Change - many changes - were inevitable. 

2. Somewhere along the way I'd get this creeping feeling that I'm doing it wrong. That I lost focus or lost my way in the woods and was damned to eternity (I'm kinda hard on myself.)

3. No matter how happy I made the client, I still wanted to tweak it. 

Years later, when I look back on my work, I find myself wondering if visual artists ever did a remix of their art. I know books often get cover redesigns - often by different designers. I wonder If I could take everything I've designed and run it through the funkified blender (my brain) and see what comes out.

Sure. For fun on some Sunday afternoon.

But then the dogs wouldn't get walked. 

If there's anything I've learned in my creative life - first, you gotta walk the dogs. 




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