Why should I design your book cover?

Larry Weiner, Head Storyteller

12 milliseconds. That’s the minimum amount of time it takes for the human brain to decipher an image. That’s how much time your cover has to sell your story. As an advertising designer and art director, I spent my 18-year career (clients: Starbucks, Microsoft, AT&T, Tazo) designing for the least amount of attention required yet enough to spark interest and make a sale. That’s my cover design philosophy. I take your story and craft it into an artful cover that quickly captures the imagination — and sells books.

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So what do I do differently?

4 things (there's more, but these are the big ones).

Craft an authentic cover design

Begin your story on the cover. Remember: 12 milliseconds! I'm here to listen to your ideas and turn them into an original, authentic design.

Nail the "one thing"

Most stories have lots of characters and plots. But what's the big idea – the one thing you want people to get? We're gonna hunt down the one thing that sets your novel apart.

do the homework

What's your genre? What's everybody else doing in it? What's the golden rule for your category? We want to attract eyeballs, but first, let's identify whose eyes we're after.

The medium (we have the message)

Photography? Oil Painting? Crayon? Once we have the big idea, I'll explore the ways a visual idea is best rendered.


This is in addition to our collaboration to creating an original, authentic cover.

quick turnaround

5 days from payment. If there are revisions, the original start date remains the same.


Until we get it right. This is where careful planning and solid ideas payoff. If you're not completely satisfied by this time, you'll receive a FULL REFUND.

No stock image fees

I use a variety of stock houses which means access to millions of images. Shutter Stock, iStock and Canstock are a few of the vendors I use (there are others, but these three work out %99.9 of the time).


3D renderings for print and ebook. I can also provide other elements, such as banners and Twitter posts.

Print & Electronic Ready

Whether it be softcover or eReader, the files will be of the highest resolution required.


All files will be ready to upload to your vendor. If for some unknown variable the files are rejected, revisions are free of charge.


I work in most genres (no cookbooks) and can easily go from photo to vector to scribbles on a cocktail napkin.

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pricing (the benefit)

My experience as an advertising designer and art director for 18 years, I’ve honed the art of snap judgement. Book covers, TV commercials, a page in a magazine, even a billboard - I’ve spent almost two decades appealing to the “Goddess of 12 milliseconds” (an obsession). In each instance, I presented THE BENEFITS and the features. For writers, I offer the big benefit: Worlds for readers to escape into. Customers don’t just a grab a book. They’re in search of a great story, one that will transport them out of their lives and into the South of France, or the Spaceship. As a writer, I know where the real story begins. As a designer, I know how to present that story – in 12 milliseconds. That’s the benefit that matters.


5 day turnaround. 5 revisions. No stock image fee. 3D advertising elements. Digital files ready for upload.


7 day turnaround. 5 revisions. No stock image fee. 3D advertising elements. Digital PDF file for printing.


7 day turnaround. Unlimited revisions. No stock image fee. 3D Advertising Elements. Digital files for uploading & print.

Money Back Guarantee
No Exceptions

If you're not happy, I'm not either. That's why I offer a 100% money back guarantee.


It's time to make the NYT best seller list (it can happen - ask Hugh Howey)




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